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January 26th, 2016

Slave Stealer Podcast 1: Meet Timothy Ballard (Part 1)

Meet Timothy Ballard

Meet Timothy Ballard: Modern Day Abolitionist

In the first episode of the Slave Stealer podcast, Tim Ballard explains his personal story of entering the fight against child trafficking. It all started when he worked for the Department of Homeland Security and his boss asked him to join the child crimes unit. Tim and his wife Catherine debated back and forth about whether he should take the offer. The morning that Tim was going to decline the offer, Catherine said,

“For the same reason I thought you can’t do this, that we have kids, that’s the very reason I need you to go in there and tell them you are going to do this, because we know what innocence is.”

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Tim took the offer and began his journey into the darkness of learning about trafficking. It was not easy. Tim explained his experience with learning about the darkness behind these traffickers. When he was first exposed to some evidence of child pornography he said,

“I turned it off, and I drove to my kids’ school. I checked them out of school, took them home and hugged them, and cried…Then, I went back the next day and tried again.”

Tim opens up about life outside of trafficking and the case that nearly caused him to walk away. He talks about family, sanity, and the song that kept him in the fight.

Join us in listening to Episode 1 of the Slave Stealer Podcast, “Meet Timothy Ballard, Part 1.”

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Want to hear more from Tim Ballard? Listen to Part 2 of “Meet Timothy Ballard” here.

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