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June 7th, 2017

Slave Stealer Podcast 14: How to Explain Trafficking to a Twelve-Year-Old

how to explain trafficking

Trafficking is a difficult issue to talk about, which makes it even harder to explain it to our kids. Co-host Mark Mabry introduces his son, Bo, who is 12 years old. Before this episode, Bo had recently seen the movie The Abolitionists. Previously he did not know that his father, Mark, had been on rescue operations. Bo just knew Mark was traveling.

But it is important to do so, and Tim explains why.

In this episode, Bo sits down with Tim Ballard for a question and answer session. Bo asks the questions, Tim answers them.

Some of the questions that Bo asks include,

Is the feeling the same every time you rescue a large group of kids?

What do you mean by law enforcement?

Do you ever feel bad for lying when you are undercover?

How much does an operation cost?

Tim tactfully answers all of Bo’s questions in a way that makes sense to children and teens.

Join us in listening to Episode 14 of Slave Stealer, “How to Explain Trafficking to a Twelve-Year-Old.”

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