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October 30th, 2017

Slave Stealer 23: Rose

Slave Stealer episode 23, “Rose,” is next in the series of Glenn Beck’s narrations of O.U.R. operations. This story is about a 15-year-old girl who was able to escape trafficking.

But how?

Rose’s godfather contacted her parents to see if Rose wanted to come visit him. Excited for the adventure, they happily agreed. However, they never knew exactly how Rose’s godfather made his money. Unfortunately, she was about to find out.

When Rose was forced to meet her first “customer,” he greeted her at the bedroom door with rum and a machete. She yelled out, hoping that someone would help her.

Join us in listening to episode 23 of the Slave Stealer Podcast, “Rose,” to hear the story of how she escaped and how O.U.R. operatives got involved.

What can YOU Do?


Did you miss the last Slave Stealer episode? Episode 22 is about a young survivor of trafficking named “Pedro,” and how he inspired Tim Ballard to strengthen his fight against trafficking.

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