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Selah Freedom Aims to End Sex Trafficking and Bring Freedom to Those Who are Exploited


Operation Underground Railroad has partnered with Selah Freedom to provide quality care to survivors of human trafficking.

Selah Freedom 

Selah Freedom aims to end sex trafficking and bring freedom to those who are exploited. In 2010, Elizabeth Fisher Good, Laurie Swink and Misty Stinson learned about the reality of child sex trafficking within their communities and were inspired to take action. The organization started as a grassroots initiative of women across the United State who wanted to be “a voice for the voiceless.” The movement quickly turned into a thriving organization that focuses its efforts on the following four programs:

  1. Advocacy & Awareness aims to educate communities about sex trafficking.
  2. Prevention provides training for parents and youth to protect themselves and others from exploitation.
  3. Outreach offers support groups, case management and resources for survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation.
  4. Residential provides a safe home for survivors to rest, restore and relaunch. 

Survivors in these programs receive life skill training, mentorship, job placement and personalized education plans. They also have access to a variety of services: trauma therapy, art therapy, pet therapy, horse therapy, medical and dental aid, and legal aid. Selah Freedom also strives to reunite survivors with their families. 

Based in Florida and the Midwest United States, the team at Selah Freedom partners with law enforcement, legislators and influential leaders to raise awareness of the issue of sex trafficking and make a difference within their communities. 


O.U.R. and Selah Freedom

Operation Underground Railroad and Selah Freedom partner to ensure survivors of sex trafficking receive quality care. Selah Freedom is a referred resource for many survivors that O.U.R comes in contact with. Through the efforts of both organizations, survivors are able to find the healing they deserve.

We loved this quote from one of the survivors who has gone through the Selah Freedom programs: “I am not the person I used to be. I am strong. I am brave. I can do things I never thought possible.”

To learn more about Selah Freedom and support its mission, please visit the organization’s website or follow Selah Freedom on Instagram or Facebook.

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