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June 30th, 2017

These Athletes Will be Running & Cycling 2000 KM to Aide in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

By Annie Ross | Jun 20, 2017 | standard.co.uk

Today, June 30, 2017, a cohort of adventurous runners and cyclists are setting off from Bosnia and headed for the UK, an astounding 2,000km away. The aim of the challenge, named Run For Love, is to raise £250,000 to fight human trafficking. I’ll be joining them for Stage Two, a 555km 3-day alpine cycle from Zagreb to Munich so head to social media for updates and you’ll meet some of my fellow challengers (Instagram @eXerKyourself)

The donations raised through Run For Love, an endurance duathlon, will support charities that work towards the prevention of future trafficking and help victims of modern day slavery.

 The Home Office estimate that there are 13,000 potential victims of modern day slavery in the UK alone (2013 data).


See the full news story at standard.co.uk (Photo source: standard.co.uk)

What can YOU Do?


A 17-year-old boy ran a similar campaign on behalf of of O.U.R. as he lead a fundraising bike ride along the California coast. For the full story, click here. If you would like to start a campaign of your own, visit yourrescue.org


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