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October 1st, 2017

Prayer Request Update: Maria’s Miracle

Update on Maria after a Prayer Request.

O.U.R. vets many aftercare homes around the world. This story is from an aftercare ally that we hope to have the honor of having children placed from O.U.R. missions in the future. This is the update we received from them about the quality care they give and the miracles that are happening in the lives of children living in their home.

May 2017:

We serve a gracious and amazing Lord who answers our prayers!

We made it to Lima, Peru, last night and fought our way through the Lima rush hour to get to the hospital. They had everything ready for us. Within 45 minutes Maria was triaged, hooked up to an IV, got blood taken, and was given some medicine for her fever. She had 5 nurses, 1 technician, and a doctor preparing her to be admitted. I was standing all teary-eyed watching all the care and concern they had for her. They explained everything very well. There were some good laughs because they have never seen a nail in a lung before. If you imagine this situation with adding in Maria’s gringo dad with poor Spanish, you can imagine that we had some good fun.

Maria slept well. In the morning, many people wanted to see her X-rays and see the “girl with the nail.” After that, the surgeon came in and explained the procedure that would take place. Off she went. When the doctor had removed the push-pin, he came out to show it to me in the waiting room. He said it was difficult to remove, so she will have to stay overnight for observation. He added that he was surprised that there was no infection, since the push-pin had been in her since Tuesday evening. We know why…

Thank you all for praying over this situation these past few days. We trust God always as He is in control, but often our humanness seeps in and we start to worry as we battle for these kids. We sure found out quickly that if you are connected to the right people here, things can happen fast. Unfortunately, for those that aren’t connected or don’t have the funds to get care, the outcome can be much worse and we should always be aware of them.

I had this shared with me this week as I had received many notes of encouragement from so many, how blessed these kids are to be in our care.


However, it is us who are blessed by them.

From the Blog of Jason Johnson:

“It’s funny how it feels like it’s so much the other way around. We didn’t anticipate it being like this going into it, but have since realized how much we have been blessed by having these kids in our lives. They’ve opened our eyes to see things we never could have seen on our own, our hearts to feel things we could have never felt on our own and our minds to understand things we never could have understood on our own. For whatever ways we are changing their lives they are no doubt changing ours exponentially more. We are certainly the blessed ones here. Our family is better because of them.”

I can tell you that these past few days have been amazing. Our whole time here, serving, has been amazing because we have so many faithful supporters. We are so thankful for our “village” team of prayer warriors in Canada, the USA, and here. We could never do this alone!

God bless you all! Thank you!

Love and hugs from Peru,

Jessica Mass

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