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September 20th, 2018

Peruvian Olympian Swims 12 Hours Straight to Spread Awareness

Is there anything that would make you swim for 12 hours straight? In cold ocean water, with sea lions and other animals around you?

For Mauricio Fiol Villanueva, a Peruvian swimmer, the fight against child sex trafficking and the chance to spread awareness for O.U.R.’s cause is reason enough.

On August 12th, Mauricio swam 45 kilometers (28 miles), from Chorrillos to the Punta Ida and back.

“Swimming 12 hours at sea is not easy; you have to fight with all the conditions… [that] are not in your favor. We had a very rough and windy day against us, all the way we were accompanied by sea lions and different sea creatures… As the hours passed, I got to a point where fear for the sea creatures, the cold, the tiredness and the opposing thoughts began to affect me, but when you have such a big motivation to fight for your country to change, you feel that nothing is impossible and you take energies from where there is none. All tiredness, pain and cold were left behind. Now I am going to continue fighting to have a better country and I hope that all of you can join with your grain of sand to be able to achieve a great change together. Remember that everything starts with oneself, let’s stop complaining about what we do not have and make the change.” – Mauricio Fiol

“I swam this journey in protest to promote the fight against child sex trafficking. I hope we can all unite to eradicate this exploitation.

“We need to raise awareness among Peruvian youth and the general population of this human scourge that is child sex trafficking,” Mauricio said.

Mauricio has competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics and was a bronze medalist in the 2012 FINA Swimming World Cup in Russia. He is determined to use his platform and talents to inspire his country and people around the world to join the fight against human trafficking.

“I call on all Peruvians to be alert and join in any way… we will be able to fight against what so many children go through all over the world,” he said.

Will you join Mauricio in the fight?

“Thanks to everyone who was part of this great challenge! Let’s continue promoting together the fight against child trafficking. I hope more people can join and give their bit to improve our society and succeed as a country. Special thanks to @ourrescue, without them this would not be possible.” – Mauricio Fiol


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