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April 18th, 2017


Operation Underground Railroad Aftercare had the honor of visiting Utah’s Volunteers of America last week. Their mission is to help Utah’s most vulnerable youth, ages 15-22 years old, by building trust and genuine relationships in order to break down barriers that keep them from bettering their lives.  Our missions parallel each other in many ways. For example, we both strongly believe that creating a family environment has a significant impact in the lives of youth.

(Image source: Volunteers of America – Utah Facebook Page, from a past event not affiliated with O.U.R.)

There are three common international reasons children are victims of trafficking:

1) Lack of education

2) Poverty

3) The breakdown of the family

We encourage you to make your home a place of safety and love for the youth in your lives.

“Everyone can help keep children safer by building stronger families, one day at a time. Help us keep children safer from trafficking by intentionally doing something to build up your family or someone you consider family.”

~Jessica Mass, Director of Aftercare

What can YOU Do?


O.U.R. Aftercare supports youth around the globe and in your neighborhood with the help of organizations and supporters like you. 

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To learn more about Volunteers of America, visit their site here.

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