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Operation Underground Railroad Fights Sex Trafficking Alongside The Selah Way Foundation

 We are grateful for The Selah Way Foundation and all they do in the fight against sex trafficking and exploitation. In this blog post, we wanted to highlight The Selah Way Foundation’s efforts and successes.


The Selah Way Foundation 

The Selah Way Foundation is a network of best practices and service providers that aims to end sex trafficking through systemic change. These changes include transforming the following elements of society:

  1. Criminal justice systems through the training of law enforcement members, judges and state attorneys.
  2. Healthcare systems through the training of entire hospital networks.
  3. Education systems through the training of students, faculty, staff and families to prevent exploitation. 
  4. Aftercare systems to ensure survivors receive holistic, lifelong care.

The foundation also unites high-impact organizations to share best practices and leverage shared resources. The Selah Way Foundation’s innovative approach enables leading organizations to maximize their influence in the fight against sex trafficking, abuse and exploitation.

The Selah Way Foundation’s Impact

In 2010, The Selah Way Foundation began as a vision and has evolved into an organization with global reach. Its mission is to eradicate trafficking and save lives through three pillars: Prevention, Protection and Provision.

The organization has seen great results in each of its pillars. 

  1. Prevention: The foundation’s S.P.E.A.K. Up program is positioned to scale from training 25,000 youth and adults annually to 2 million individuals by 2023. 
  2. Protection: The Selah Way Foundation has trained over 100 law enforcement agencies in the United States, and its partner, Global Strategic Operatives, has trained over 250,000 healthcare professionals across the United States and is expanding its reach into Africa, Europe and Asia.
  3. Provision: The Selah Way Foundation partners with Selah Freedom to support survivors in the United States and with Uncaged to provide survivor care in Europe.

O.U.R. and The Selah Way Foundation

Operation Underground Railroad and The Selah Way Foundation collaborate as a network of training arms and best practices to eradicate sex trafficking worldwide. As like-minded organizations, we share resources to create a greater impact in the fight against exploitation.

To learn more about The Selah Way Foundation and support its mission, please visit its website or follow The Selah Way Foundation on Instagram.

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