November 10th, 2017




Twenty-one child sexual predators were arrested in the recent Net Nanny Operation in Washington, which is part of an ongoing series of “Net Nanny” operations conducted by the Washington State Patrol. The first Net Nanny operation originated in Kitsap County in August 2015, and eight operations have been executed since.

This ongoing series of undercover “Net Nanny” operations has resulted in a total of 135 arrests throughout the State of Washington. In addition, over twenty-two at risk and victimized children have been identified. Follow-up investigations have been implemented to ensure that appropriate aftercare resources are provided for the children.

“The internet has become a hunting ground for sexual predators that are targeting our vulnerable children,” says WSP Chief John R. Batiste. “This multi-agency operation is taking dangerous individuals off the streets and making communities safer for families.”

This four-day operation was conducted by undercover law enforcement officers communicating with potential child sexual predators through the internet. These undercover officers posed as young boys and girls. Anyone who traveled to the decided location seeking sex with minors was arrested. In addition to the twenty-one who were arrested, eight suspects were identified and investigations are underway.

We are grateful for our partnership with the Washington State Patrol and for the opportunity to help fund part of this recent operation. Over sixty men and women were able to participate in this four-day operation, who represent over ten federal, state and city agencies from the Puget Sound. We are happy to share a common mission with the WA law enforcement to help make communities safer for our children and end sex trafficking.

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Homeland Security Investigations was able to arrest a child predator with help from training that the O.U.R. team provided for them. We are grateful for the opportunity our team has to support law enforcement in the U.S. and around the world to protect kids from trafficking.

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