Operation Homeschooled- 10 Arrested in Mesa, Arizona

Operation Homeschooled- 10 Arrested in Mesa, Arizona

Child Prostitution Arrests

Mesa Police Department
Media Relations Office
For Release: December 12, 2016

Mesa Police Detectives completed another operation targeting sexual predators trying to engage in sex acts with underage juveniles. Operation Home Schooled utilized undercover detectives posing as 13 and 14-year-old juveniles, and traffickers, chatting on commonly used internet sites where suspects seek out illegal sex acts. The suspects solicited and/or brokered deals for various sex acts with the minor and were arrested when they responded to the location where they were supposed to meet the minor for sex.

Each year the Mesa Police Department conducts operations of this type in a continuous effort to remove these predators from our community. Suspects willing to solicit sex acts with children are some of the most dangerous criminals in our society. The suspects in the latest operation ranged in age from 66 to 23 years old.


This operation was a collaborative effort between the Mesa Police Department and Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.). We also want to recognize the Hickey Family Foundation, AZ Men, and our local business partners; Empire Southwest and the Treehouse Group, for their invaluable support of this initiative. For more information about human exploitation and trafficking, please visit http://mesaaz.gov/residents/police/departments-divisions/mesa-family-advocacycenter/heat


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12 thoughts on “Operation Homeschooled- 10 Arrested in Mesa, Arizona

  1. Wow!! Another amazing rescue!! You guys are unreal!! I thank God every night for you and pray for your future successes as well (unfortunately). No one can do what you do!! Such an amazing blessing!! Thank you seems so insufficient, but thank you!

  2. While I am thrilled with the success of this operation, as a homeschooling mother I am quite saddened that this operation would be titled “Operation Homeschooled” when there’s no explanation as to the connection with homeschooling. It immediately leads the reader to connect homeschooling with sex trafficking –a very negative connection– when the two have nothing to do with one another .

      1. Have to agree. I’m a huge supporter of this organization and all they do. My guess is it’s that they were “schooled” at home. It was likely a poor choice of words since I don’t see any connection to homeschooling mentioned. Unfortunately homeschooling is always under attack so we just don’t need anyone inferring anything. 😞

    1. Agreed, Cher, though I to am very grateful and supportive 0f OUR’s work, as a former homeschool Mom we always had to be on the watch for our state wanting to change the rules on homeschooling due to unproven abuse. The sad thing is few people read beyond the title or first line of a story.

  3. I believe the title is to mean these pedophiles were “schooled” on their “home” turf. Whatever it is titled, it was literally in our own backyard and i massively appreciate it. My daughter was stalked by a predator just last Friday and was apprehended just in time. I’m grateful that OUR and Tim Ballard used their talents right here in Mesa. Thank you so much

    1. Cher, I’d love to hear more about the experience of your daughter. Tim and I host the Slave Stealer Podcast and abduction has been a topic lately.

  4. You guys are my heroes! Thank you for working so hard in saving our children from horrible men and woman. I wish more people knew of the terrible things go on and could help more in stopping this from happening.

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