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May 31st, 2017


Operation Underground Railroad and Indian Rescue Mission (IRM) have successfully collaborated on a rescue operation that occurred in a suburb of Mumbai, India over Easter weekend.

An operator from IRM received information the week prior of a male pimp in Mulund city offering a virgin. Undercover investigators contacted the trafficker who showed them a picture of the girl, offering to sell her virginity for 30,000 rupees ($450).

The following weekend, the operator contacted Mr. Sachin Patil, Deputy Commissioner of Police, who agreed to assist with the rescue operation. Investigators asked if the traffickers could bring more girls, to which they agreed, and brought them to a hotel.

When jump team members met with the traffickers to exchange money for the girls, the police team swooped into the hotel. Four traffickers were arrested, including the hotel owner.

They will be tried in the Sewri Court.

The four survivors were taken to a local shelter following medical examinations, where they can begin their rehabilitation and a new beginning.

mumbai traffickers arrested

mumbai traffickers arrested

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  • Chris Reese

    God Bless the work you are doing and thank you for making a difference and providing hope where a young child sees only darkness. When I retire, I am going to help in whatever way I can in this horrific industry.

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