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June 13th, 2017


Operation Underground Railroad and Indian Rescue Mission (IRM) have successfully collaborated on another rescue operation that occurred on May 23rd in Kolhapur, a suburb of Mumbai, India.

A week before the operation took place, an operator received a tip of a massage parlor that was forcing girls to have sex with customers after giving a massage to clients. IRM investigators entered the massage parlor to confirm the information and see how much it would cost for each girl for one night. The owner of the parlor said that he charges 5,000 Rupees ($80) for one night with one girl.

The IRM contacted Bhagyashree, an IPS officer at the Kolhapur Police Department, who agreed to assist with the operation. On the day of the rescue operation, the police staged around the corner while investigators entered the massage parlor. Once the parlor owner made the deal with the investigators for 10,000 Rupees ($160) for two girls, the police came in and raided the parlor.

The owner of the massage parlor was arrested and will be tried in the Kolhapur Court.

The five survivors were taken to a local shelter following medical examinations, where they will begin the healing process and a new start to their lives.

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