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May 11th, 2018

Operation Barbarosa: A Message from Survivors

Ten victims were rescued in a recent operation in Latin America. O.U.R. Aftercare makes sure to continuously follow up with the victims that were rescued. They have been receiving daily updates on how the girls are doing.

There was a 13-year-old girl that was rescued after being abused for years. Her abuse started with a family member when she was very young. After that, she was trafficked by many different people. It is important to understand that trafficking is not a one-time event or one-time crime: these girls are exploited over and over as their traffickers sell them over and over. From being abused by a family member to being sold by a trafficker to being used to make pornography, this young girl has already been the victim of many horrendous crimes.

When she first arrived at the aftercare home, she was very hardened and was having a difficult time managing emotions and behaviors. She kept trying to do what is commonly done by young children in aftercare – she kept acting out to see if her staff would still stick with her. They have stuck with her 100 percent and continue to tell her that they won’t give up on her.


The aftercare staff has worked hard with this amazing survivor to help her learn how to communicate her emotions. She is doing so well and has started going back to school. She does not have a safe family to return to so she will be in this aftercare home for an extended amount of time.

We take significant measures to make sure that if there is an existing family, that they are safe to go back to and that they have access to counseling, follow up services, education, and other important resources. If the family is not safe for the victim to be around because of past abuse or other extreme reasons, O.U.R. Aftercare makes sure the victims are safe in a loving aftercare home where they can heal and grow.

This young girl has been the victim of horrific crimes and has been told countless times that she is worthless. She said she has been told that her worth is only through her trafficker selling her and people that are using her for their selfishness. After being rescued she is now on the path to learning that she is priceless and that she can reach her dreams. Her future is already full of people that are surrounding her with real love.

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