Operation Aftercare

Operation Aftercare

We are so grateful for those of you that continue to help with getting practical items to our beloved children in aftercare homes around the world! Maybe you can recall your favorite bedtime story as a child? These are simple items we sometimes forget how much they mean to us and others. Last week we were able to bring items to two of our homes we partner with. Whether it’s a warm towel to rap up in or reading a bedtime story to our children, these things bring so much COMFORT in life.

Thank you to our faithful aftercare supporters!


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8 thoughts on “Operation Aftercare

  1. I would be interested in doing a neighborhood door to door walk for contributions. Is there a brochure or printed information available for distribution. Would I need to register somehow to be recognized as ligitimate?

  2. Operation aftercare,
    Thank-you for all you do. You are the silent hero’s! How can we help get more things for what these children need. This was a real turning point for me. It is a dream of mine to offer a safe place for children to be . Every year my daughter and I pick a child for Christmas a program called kinderhaven. Lord willing we can add one more just tell us the age and what they need.

  3. Hi there! I was just at a Time out for Women where Tim Ballard spoke, and was truly inspired and came online to figure out what I can do to help.
    If you could give me more info on what / where to donate aftercare items, I will organize a church service project in my area. Thanks!!!

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