City in Ohio Trains Undercover Agents to Spot Trafficking in Liquor Stores

City in Ohio Trains Undercover Agents to Spot Trafficking in Liquor Stores

By Andrew Keiper | Jun 20, 2017 |

The state is taking its fight against human trafficking to liquor-selling establishments by training undercover agents to spot potential victims during investigations.

Gov. John Kasich was joined by anti-trafficking advocates and public officials Monday to announce the Regional Human Trafficking Interdiction Working Groups, a division within the Ohio Investigative Unit.

Ohio Governor John Kasich speaks at a press conference to announce new initiatives intended to strengthen human trafficking prevention [Img: Barbara J. Perenic | Dispatch]

“They’re not just dealing with after hours and bars,” Gov. Kasich said. “They’re dealing with flesh and blood and people.”

The new program within the Ohio Investigative Unit, a division of the State Highway Patrol, will train about 80 undercover Liquor Control Commission enforcement agents to spot potential trafficking victims in addition to their regular investigations. The program does not expand jurisdiction for the officers.

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Tim presented at the Second Annual Human Trafficking and Commercial Exploitation of Children Summit in El Centro, Imperial County, California on May 24, 2017. To read how he taught local leaders how to identify and assist victims of trafficking, click here

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