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August 10th, 2017

O.U.R.-Sponsored Training Leads to Arrest & Rescue

Operation Underground Railroad would like to congratulate federal prosecutors and investigators in the Dominican Republic’s Special Prosecutor Against Human Trafficking for their recent success in “Operation Capotillo”, which resulted in the arrest of a mother who was creating child pornography with her five- and seven-year-old daughters. The Dominicans were able to launch this case thanks to O.U.R.-sponsored cyber investigative and anti-pornography training in May 2017. We look forward to continuing our efforts to empower law enforcement around the world to fight child exploitation and child sex trafficking.

Photos from the May 2017 training in the Dominican Republic:

O.U.R. Team Members Matt Osborne, Jon Lines, and Tyler Schwab were present at the training.

What can YOU Do?


Collaboration in this fight is key, and seeing this process come full circle from training to rescue is a victory worth celebrating! To read more about the training we sponsored with Fox Valley Technical College in the Dominican Republic, read the story here.

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