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March 9th, 2018

How Does O.U.R. Help Trafficking Survivors in Utah?

Every child deserves to feel safe.

We work all over the world to rescue and protect children from trafficking. An important part of our work is in our own backyard. There are many organizations that we have been able to support here in Utah to help survivors heal and feel loved.

From 10 years old to 60 years old, Red-Light Outreach Helps Many

O.U.R. supports a local church to work with and reach out to girls on the streets in Utah once a week. Together, we work to provide these girls with access to resources and support. O.U.R. has provided hygiene kits to pass out, including doTERRA Hope bottles that have the National Human Trafficking Hotline number printed under the label.

O.U.R. Aftercare Director Jessica Mass and her assistant Tyler Schwab have personally met girls as young as ten years old and as old as sixty years old on the streets. This happens because of fraud, coercion, and psychological tactics used by traffickers to make victims believe that they are stuck. Children are especially vulnerable to sexual exploitation on the streets because they don’t have another way to provide for their basic needs.

Thirty Beds for Homeless Teenagers: Volunteers of America

Homeless teens and children are extremely vulnerable to sexual exploitation and are often forced into survival trafficking, which is where they are sold for sex in order to provide enough money to eat and live.

Volunteers of America is a nationally recognized program that has thirty beds for homeless teenagers. They provide programs, support, and resources for teens to participate in. They provide food, clothes, hygiene kits, tutoring, among other resources. O.U.R. has had the privilege to serve alongside of them by serving meals, volunteering with them, and donating hygiene kits and clothes. We love partnering with organizations in our community who truly love these children and care for them.

The Asian Association’s Drop-in Center (SLC)

We have worked closely with Allison Smith at what is referred to as a drop-in center, specifically for sexually exploited women and children. The Asian Association has donated a space for this drop-in center. Women and children to come and receive resources such as hygiene kits and clothes.

On average, it takes seven types of intervention before somebody is able to be rescued. This is attributed to the fact that traffickers use mind manipulation to create a “norm”. They create this “norm” in victims’ heads that that is how life should be and convince them that they can’t get out. Traffickers often use drugs and alcohol to control their victims.

This drop-in center exists to help survivors and victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation facing difficult situations as described above. O.U.R. has been honored to help provide financial assistance and man power to remodel this drop-in center. Donors like you have also helped provide hygiene kits, clothes, and Christmas gifts for survivors there.

Hospital on Wheels: 4th Street Medical Clinic

Fourth Street Clinic. Img src: KSL.com

The 4th Street Medical Clinic has a medical van that goes to help people when they can’t make it to the hospital by themselves. Matt Pierce has accompanied our partners on Red-Light Outreach nights and works with the drop-in center mentioned above to provide testing, open-wound treatment, drug detox resources, and other social services. They also go out multiple times a week to provide these services to many others on the streets who need medical support.

Why is this Important?

These are just a few of the organizations that O.U.R. is privileged to partner with to fight against trafficking here in the United States. It is amazing to see how these organizations volunteer their time and resources to help those in need. We are grateful to work alongside them.

It is evident that trafficking is an issue everywhere. It is important to report to your local law enforcement and the National Human Trafficking Hotline (888-373-7888) if you ever observe suspicious behaviors related to trafficking.

Supporting these organizations with domestic outreach would not be possible without our generous donors and supporters. Thank you for all you are doing to help fight human trafficking here and around the world!

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