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September 28th, 2017

Inside Sales’ Laptop Donation Changes Lives in Latin America

We wanted to share some great news provided to us by one of our partner ministries in Latin America that is doing a tremendous job to rescue and rehabilitate precious girls who fell victim to the world of sexual exploitation and human trafficking. O.U.R. provided a couple of laptops to this ministry, who in turned shared them with those most in need.

Laptop number one was given to a young girl who is attending a missionary training school while she completes high school. The laptop will help this young woman in her studies and will reduce the risk that she is lured back onto the streets.

Laptop number two was provided to a cyber investigator in that country’s federal government. Before receiving the O.U.R. laptop, the investigator was forced to conduct his online investigations from various cyber cafes in the area and could only store his information on USB flash drives to keep his work organized. Within 24 hours of beginning work on the donated laptop, the investigator found information on an American citizen who appears to be a serial pedophile. The local investigator contacted the US authorities working in that country, and the two units are advancing this case in earnest. We hope and pray that they will make an arrest in the coming days.  Beyond this case, our partner ministry estimates that the cyber investigator will be able to put together hundreds of intelligence packages on suspected pedophiles in the coming months.

Inside Sales’ Do Good Foundation story behind donating these laptops.

Here is a direct quote from our partners at this fabulous rehabilitation ministry: “What a blessssssssssing! Thank you for your support both in tools and service. As an organization we could not do one half of what we do if not for OUR support. God bless you and your works around the world.

– Matt Osborne

Senior Vice President for Rescue and Rehabilitation
Operation Underground Railroad

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Laptop donations help fight trafficking all over the world. Some donated laptops in the Dominican Republic provided the local government with the opportunity to be trained on new ways to protect children in their country. Read the full story here.

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