O.U.R. 2016 Mid-Year Review: An Intimate Talk With Tim Ballard

The following are excerpts from a filmed interview with Tim Ballard on the progress Operation Underground Railroad has made in the first half of 2016.

Tim Ballard:

We have made huge strides this year. The thing I’m most impressed with is that half way through the year we’ve already seen as many or more rescues and arrests as we did last year. We’re probably close to double in terms of the countries we’re working in and the partners that we have.

We have been highly requested here in the States to work in several jurisdictions. We’ve met with several law enforcement officials in various states and set a goal that we would see at least one hundred pedophiles arrested in one year’s time. And just a couple of weeks ago, in the middle of summer we hit that goal. We surpassed it in fact, with over a hundred pedophiles.

These are people that were seeking for children on line as young as nine years old. And we were able to provide the tools to pull these guys out, and inevitably be able to find the children who were actually being abused. So we’re very proud of that accomplishment.


One of the great accomplishments this year was the announcement of our CET-COE, Child Exploitation Targeting Center of Excellence which is housed at the University of North Carolina, in Charlotte.

We’re actually set up right now to be doing the very unique and different types of operations that we haven’t see a whole lot of yet, using a lot of high-tech strategies to go in and find children who need rescuing and get these horrible, perverted people off the streets.


The technology we’re developing is for everybody. In fact, sometimes it’s geared towards law enforcement overseas who just have such limited resources and they don’t have a lot of man power so we can make up for that through tools that allow one cop to do the work of five. And it doesn’t cost them anything.

One reason that we created Operation Underground Railroad is because we saw this need. These law enforcement officers with great hearts, with a desire to help and make their country better, but they had no resources.

O.U.R. Short Term Goals:

We have quite a few operations set for the rest of the year. We’ve already hit our goals, so we’re going to keep pushing, and may exceed expectations. There are multiple countries who have asked us to come in. We’ve already started setting up shop there so we’ll be seeing more operations from now to the end of the year in various places throughout the world.

We’re not meeting our demands though. It’s very difficult for us to sit back and say, ‘Where do we go?’ because we could go almost anywhere now. This is why we need to grow financially. We need more people to become abolitionists because we are not even meeting the demands of law enforcement around the world who need these tools; who need our support.

O.U.R Long Term Goals:

We’ve always talked about setting up offices overseas and we’re starting to do that. These offices are like targeting centers; they’re labs. We are focused on the high technology side to attack this problem. And you’re going to see a lot of more permanent offices in the next several years, offices in various countries that are sponsored in part or fully by Operation Underground Railroad. These offices will be high tech in nature, in terms of the tools that we’re offering, and integrating because with these tools, one police officer can do the work of five officers.

We need to be a force multiplier in this problem. There are way too many kids out there relative to how many police there are looking for them. We built our tools with that in mind. ‘How can we maximize whatever resources are already out there? How can we maximize that?’ Become a force multiplier because with five times the cop power, we rescue five times the kids.


Our partnerships are mostly focused on the rehabilitation end of things. It’s so important; in fact, it’s the most important thing that we do. We have to have in place something for the rescued children because so often the parents are not suitable or there are no parents or they are part of the problem.

We’ve really recognized that we need to put more into the rehab side and that’s a really delicate thing. We go into these countries that are very developing and we don’t always find the rehab partners that we want, so we have to spend a lot of time building them up.

One country that we are in right now, took us a year to get operational, even though the law enforcement officers in that country were green-lighting the operations. Now, we’re about to do our fourth operation in that particular country because that part (aftercare) is in place.

We hired a new director of rehab, Jessica Mass, who just does an amazing job. She’s partnered with rehab places, facilities, shelters, here in every state in the United States and in every country that we’ve been in, over 15 countries. She has gone and spent a tremendous amount of time finding our partners who we know, that when we have these children, we’re comfortable placing them there.

It’s so rewarding to watch some of these survivors become thrivers. We go back all the time, multiple times a year. ‘How are they doing? What do they need?’ This one wants to be a chef; this one wants to go to college. We can help with that. And we’re watching these stories unfold now. That’s a new development, an exciting development for us.

In 2016, I’d say one of our biggest highlights is the expansion and growth of our aftercare program and the wonderful partners that we’ve been able to make and trust, and watch the kids go there and know they have a chance.


First and foremost our jump team members have to be brave. I mean, we’re asking them to do very dangerous things. Go into a foreign county. Go in undercover. Walk into a trafficker’s house who would just as soon kill them if they knew who they were.

We seek out law enforcement officers who have experience in rescuing children in anti-trafficking enforcement. It’s so important that these people have the utmost integrity; that they have good hearts. One thing we do, and frankly it’s on purpose, is when we do these tryouts and the training, we ask them to pay for part of that expense of coming over here. And that’s because we want to see who really cares.

I know that every guy that I recruited, especially in the beginning, had to walk away from pensions. They had to walk away from government security. And the fact that they were willing to do that told me that that’s who I want on my team. If you don’t have the heart for this, you’re not going to last long. It’s great to see these people who are willing to fly themselves here and sacrifice financially just to have the chance to make the team.

The Jump Team:

I think very few people are willing to do what our operators do. I mean you sacrifice your innocence in ways that are so incredibly uncomfortable and painful that it’s very rare to find someone to do this.

These kids are in hell. We’ve seen things that you can’t even imagine happen in hell. And the only way to get to those kids is to go in there. You’ve got to be willing go in there and not flinch while you’re there. Anyone willing to do that is just so amazing to me.

It’s like someone willing to run into a burning building. That’s what these guys do every day. It’s a different kind of burning building but it’s no less precarious, no less dreadful and they do it. And I’m so proud to associate with some of these operators that we have working for us – amazing guys – and girls.


It’s imperative to us that our policies on rescue operations are very clear to our partners and donors. We are not a vigilante group. We work with and under the jurisdiction of law enforcement agencies that officially and formally bring us on board. If that doesn’t happen, we don’t operate. But, once we are official we move forward.

Every operation is so different. Our operators will go, usually pretending to be like the other tourists, looking for illicit contact with kids. And then they infiltrate it, and this is where their expertise comes into play in that region; they’ll go in and know how to talk and what to say; how to dig in.

Other times it’s very specific; as specific as, here is this child who’s missing. We can come in with our technology, teach them. We’ve had cases where we look at facial recognition technology that allows us to go in and identify this child that was taken and maybe being sold in a different continent. So it really does vary.

A lot of what we’re doing now though, is targeting pedophiles and traffickers using tools that allow us to exploit places on the Internet where kids are being sold. The dark net is a place where people work with impunity because they think no one’s watching. We’re trying to build tools to help law enforcement to get to those places quicker and more efficiently and understand that world so they can pull these kids out.

Case Story:

In one case, this individual had this child that was being exploited. It was quite a distance from our office and we were expecting to go do the operation the following week. But our operators who are experts on line, were able to identify that this was a problem that couldn’t even wait three days.

And because we have such awesome donors and awesome supporters, they were made aware of the emergency without giving them details. One of our donors said, ‘You need to get somewhere to save kids? Just get to the airport. My plane will be waiting for you.’

I literally left the my kid’s basketball game that I was coaching with nothing, jumped in my car and sped to the airport, got on that plane and had that guy arrested and those kids saved, and those kids placed in safety within 12 to 15 hours. That was an emotional case just because we knew we had to get there fast. But, this is where we have the kind of comparative advantage where we can just go.

The whole flight over I have her image in my head. Five years old and we were able to get to her and pull her out of that situation and that guy’s in jail right now.

The Danger For Children

It’s usually men, perverted men have access to children in various ways; sometimes their own children or a niece or a nephew. They take advantage of the situation where the parents are out of the picture for some reason and they take this child under their wing, so-to-speak, but really they’re grooming them and exploiting them.

They go on line and start selling, sometimes they want to exchange this child for someone else’s child and they want to set up these horrific dark escapades. All I can say is that we have the tools and the ability to have law enforcement intervene in those deals. To find out where they’re happening and when they’re happening, intervene, intercept the deal, and then infiltrate and dismantle.

Eradicating Child Sex Trafficking:

That’s still the goal. We know that it can work. It works on a small scale. We go into one city, do several operations, and we shut it down. At the end of our operations, we can’t find anyone who’s willing to sell kids, all of them citing the previous operations that we previously conducted.

If it works on a small scale, why can’t it work on a large sale? We just need more people, more organizations, and more governments on board. If we made the response to selling kids for sex so powerful, you could literally scare people from thinking about doing it. That’s our goal.

I do believe that we can eradicate this. It’s going to take a long time, but with enough support and enough growth, we are building the tools that can eradicate this.

What You Can Do:

We need your help to make a difference. If you haven’t donated to our cause, please visit our web site at OURrescue.org and start today. Every dollar helps rescue children and ensures they receive the recovery care they need. If you already donate, please take the opportunity to evaluate if you can give more. We’ve already completed more rescues to date in 2016 than we did in all of 2015. We need your support to continue at this pace and fund additional rescue operations. We can’t do it without you. Thank you!

Interviewed and Edited by: Cheryl L. Karr


  • Missie Hickey

    Thank you for your work and all you do for us.
    We don’t know how it’s possible for you to be in all of the places where the good Lord sends you.

    Do you ever take volunteers at your recovery centers? I have a teaching license in secondary science, and I’m wondering if there’s a center in Minnesota–or in the central US region–where the coordinators could use a volunteer.

    Reply to Missie Hickey
    • Thomas Hoffman

      Jacob and daughter, Sarah to enroll in an Islamic State school and training center in Iraq. At the moment, Catherine is suicidal at the Clifton T. Perkins prison and that she needs help from doctors so she will be in a hospital instead of prison. The children could be forced to commit crimes against America and this is putting the family in danger. If the children argue or refuse, the extremists will cut up the children and feed them to the sharks or the animals in a barn or zoo, as we found out through our personal investigation in the manner with permission of the family over in Clarksburg, Maryland last week. Catherine’s lawyer, David Felson is sugarcoating the issue just to make it less serious but Catherine needs a lawyer who cares for her welfare and willing to help. Call us at 240-777-0200 for details. Thank you for your service!

      Reply to Thomas Hoffman
  • Erin Walker

    I admire your dedication to this cause. You and your team sacrifice tremendously to continue in this role and I thank you! This was a wonderful article so thanks for taking the time to give an update.

    Reply to Erin Walker
  • Neal Harris


    Thanks for the update our your successes and progress. We’re thrilled to be working with Dale, Duff, and the rest of your team and to donate our technology to help your cause. We will approach our investors and encourage them to also donate to OUR.

    Reply to Neal Harris
  • Virginia Lindsay

    Awesome article! Mr. Ballard, I wish I could be part of your team, maybe in the future! :) I have a background in Languages, I speak fluent Spanish like a native. I’m half Peruvian. ( My mom was born there, She’s a U.S.Citizen now.) This is a cause I’m very passionate about. I’m involved in an organization Safechr -Coallition for Human rights. Dr. Kalyani Gopal (Clinical child psychologist). I love her, she’s amazing! ( Please look her up!) She is the C.E.O.) I told her all about O.U.R. I bought T-shirts, a Hoodie and wristbands, for my family and friends. We are raising funds
    to build a safe Haven for kids who have been rescued from Human trafficking.( One in Northwest Indiana, and one in Naples, Fla.)
    Safechr Conference will be in Washington D.C. on October 9th-12th. 2016
    This safe haven will be a safe place for kids to grow, heal, and trust again, which will take a very very long time. I will also start a Culinary Arts and Pastry program for kids to be able to learn a craft for future employment, it builds self-esteem,and self confidence. there will be many more educational programs apart from this one. There are few places for kids who have been rescued to go to, so this is our goal.
    God Bless your work, team and volunteers and amazing organization. Please let me know if I can be of any help for your organization.

    Reply to Virginia Lindsay
    • Michelle

      Did you get your safe haven set up in Florida

      Reply to Michelle
  • Mary Patterson

    Their is still a US trafficker operating out of the xg4ken domain -236 subdomains.

    NCMEC ID the suspect in 12/15. HSI is suppose to be investigating.

    Possibly OUR could check into the status of this investigation and get this pedophile(s) arrested.

    Many cases are reported. The response of law enforcement is that their is not enough investigators and budget constraints of prosecutors to pursue all the cases. And this is why the epidemic continues to grow.

    Again thank God for OUR for implementing private measures of dealing with this epidemic.

    Reply to Mary Patterson
  • Pam Allen

    Hello Jessica Mass,
    I am trying to pull together a group here in Oregon to put together care boxes for children who are recovering from being trafficked. I would like to get a address where we can send boxes and an idea of what kinds of content would be appropriate. Please contact me via facebook or email. Thanks

    Reply to Pam Allen
  • Mary Herpel

    I’ve donated to your organization a few times but have lost the address. I prefer sending a check in the mail. At 75, I don’t do anything on-line, a little old fashion. I went on Mercury One, but didn’t find it.
    Your organization does such wonderful work God bless you all.

    Reply to Mary Herpel
  • Bobi Rush

    The first time I saw your movie I was near tears of gratefulness at what you do. The second time I saw it I was recruiting the man next to me to help you. Since then you and OUR are about all I talk about to all I meet. Just like today at lunch with someone working to build a hospital in Africa to help children in villages.
    My blessing of being retired, now I call it really tired, so that all I do is help others. Never have I been happier. Now OUR is my passion as I know first hand how important your work is, and how my donations are only part of my desire to be on your team.
    May our Father continue to bless you as you carry on to save His children.

    Reply to Bobi Rush
  • modelcam

    Really informative blog.Thanks Again. Much obliged.

    Reply to modelcam

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