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April 18th, 2019

Minor and Adult Rescued in ‘Massage Parlor’ Brothel Raid

by Jillian VanTassell | agapewebsite.org | Feb 6, 2019

A mother reported to AIM and the Phnom Penh Police that her young daughter had been missing for two months. The Phnom Penh Police and the AIM SWAT Team jumped into action by launching a covert surveillance operation.

The investigation resulting in a raid on a brothel that was posing as a massage parlor. Two suspects were arrested, and two victims were rescued; one victim was an adult and the other was the missing daughter! Shortly after the raid, the brothel was officially shut down by the prosecutor, the police, and the local authorities.

The minor victim was sent to our Restoration Home where she is receiving the care and help she needs, and the adult victim is receiving aftercare services at our transitional home. Both criminals are being charged with child sex trafficking crimes and are being detained until the trial. The survivors will be represented by the AIM legal team throughout the process.

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