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October 24th, 2017

O.U.R. Receives Large Donation from Life Leadership

On October 14, 2017, Life Leadership held a “Life on Life Push-up Contest” for the benefit of Operation Underground Railroad. Thousands of Life Members gathered in Louisville, KY, to participate in this push-up contest. They have raised over $758,000 and counting, as other participants are continually sending in donations!

Life Leadership provides financial, professional, and personal development resources for entrepreneurs. Their Life on Life Initiative helps people gain freedom, by providing the resources necessary to work on literacy and other important skills. Through inspiring awareness campaigns, their corporate employees and Life Members are able to volunteer their time and resources to give to those in need.

Life Members and employees did just that at this push-up contest. One of the most inspiring participants is Isaiah, whose video is below. Isaiah courageously got out of his wheelchair to participate in the contest. O.U.R. SVP of Rescue & Recovery Matt Osborne and Life Leadership spokesman Chris Swanson joined him.

Isaiah’s willingness to be a part of this initiative is just one of the many inspiring stories of these Life Members. Below is a video of our SVP of Rescue & Recovery, Matt Osborne, receiving the check from the amazing Life Leadership team.

The donation from this push-up contest is incredibly generous and will change the lives of many children – this contribution allows us to help rescue and rehabilitate kids in an unprecedented way.



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