Human Trafficking Survivor Builds Rehab Home

Human Trafficking Survivor Builds Rehab Home

This human trafficking survivor isn’t just fixing up a house for other women like her, she’s aiming to provide them a safe haven from the life she once knew.

“I don’t want to see the women having to go back to the lifestyle from which they came,” Barb Freeman said, founder of The Freeman Project in Columbus, Ohio.

Freeman’s mission is to give a home to human trafficking survivors as they transition from local rehabilitation and correction facilities. Because of these efforts, she was named the Woman of Achievement in 2014 by the YWCA.

She’s not alone in this great feat. About twenty-five volunteers from her community and the local Union of Painters and Allied Trades have been working alongside her in restoring the three-story home.

At least four women have already been promised a place in the home, but Freeman won’t stop there: she plans to purchase the abandoned apartment complex across the street.

As Freeman works to educate her community about human trafficking, she says, “[I’m] just taking everything that someone has given to me and I’m giving back. I’m paying it forward.”

Freeman expects renovations to be complete by August.

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