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May 18th, 2016

Hoping to still catch The Abolitionists in theaters?

Whether you weren’t able to join us on May 16th or you can’t wait to see the film again, you’re in luck!

We are excited to announce that The Abolitionists will continue playing in the select theaters below starting this weekend!

New Abolitionists Showings UT (edited) (1)
(We realize these are only theaters in Utah for now. In the next few days we plan to announce more screens so stay tuned!)

Head on over to the respective Megaplex and Cinemark websites to purchase your tickets


  • Tasha

    So excited to see this and support this work! Will it ever be available to buy?

    Reply to Tasha
  • Sara Hall

    Please show this movie in more towns in Minnesota. We have a big problem here with trafficking of the Native American population.

    Reply to Sara Hall
  • Done'e

    Is it showing in the San Fernando Valley or the Conejo Valley in the Los Angeles Area?

    Reply to Done’e
  • Sarah

    Definitely worth the cause! Thank you for all you do to save the children! Your one of our heroes Tim Ballard & O.U.Rescue Team!

    Reply to Sarah
  • Sallie T

    Your team is doing an awesome work! You will surely be blessed.
    I will continue to support you and your team!

    Reply to Sallie T
  • Joyce Landre

    Please bring this movie to the Edwardsville, Illinois area… The more exposure this movie has… the more monthly support will be generated… Everyone has a heart for these precious little victims…and the more exposure the movie has… the more individuals will sign up to help in their rescue…

    Reply to Joyce Landre
  • Rosann Blood

    I can’t imagine anything more evil than what you and your team is trying to stop. God bless each one involved in your rescue efforts with safety and direction on each mission.

    Reply to Rosann Blood
  • Kaonu

    Thank u for helping our children. I can’t imagine the pain, trauma and fears they suffer. God bless you for your heroic and Christ-like efforts. Please bring the movie to Greensboro NC.

    Reply to Kaonu
  • Bridget

    I’m in Brazil and want to see this. While getting it onto the big screen here may be a challenge, I’d like to know when I can see it online. Thank you!

    Reply to Bridget
  • Tonya

    Can we buy a DVD?

    Reply to Tonya
    • Diana Cranny

      We went to see the movie in Temecula,CA. We got to the Theater 40 min early and found out that it was sold out and would not be shown again. Where can we see it in So CA? Thank you for what you are doing! We first heard about the organization on the John Beck program. We are adding you all to our prayer list, wearing the wrist band , and sharing information on FB and other media. Can we buy the DVD?

      Reply to Diana Cranny
  • Bea

    Have you considered a pay per view or download? I had tickets to see it on the 16th but was sick so I gave my tickets away.

  • Marge

    thank you. I will always support this cause.

    Reply to Marge
  • Belkis

    I live in Georgia, I will like to see the firm. Or I will like to show it at our church.

    Reply to Belkis
  • Cheryl waterman

    This was a great film and this is a great cause. I was so glad to watch it and our movie theater was packed on May 16th 2016

    I am hoping you will show it again in more places in Denver and surrounding cities.

    Reply to Cheryl waterman
  • Mary O'Connell

    I am a member of the GFWC Agawam Junior Women’s Club (General Federation of Women’s Clubs) and we’ve chosen to support the fight against human trafficking. I just saw the movie on May 16 in Bloomfield, CT. I live in Agawam, MA, though, and wonder if it would be possible to show your film at our local small town cinema. We would publicize the showing in our local town paper and take contributions at the theater. I haven’t contacted the theater yet about this idea, but would like to if this is something possible on your end.

    Thanks for all you do. I look forward to continuing my personal support of your organization.


    Reply to Mary O’Connell
  • Bernadette Allard

    We arrived early to see the film on the 16th but none of us ended up seeing it because of “technical difficulties with the satellite feed” at our theater (Regal Cinema Park Place in Pinellas Park, FL). They were very sorry and gave everyone that came to see the Abolitionist 2 free future movie tickets. That was nice but we really wanted to see the film! Maybe they will be one of the theaters that will show it again since they messed up the first showing. Otherwise, we will be buying the DVD once it is released. Thank you…all of you…for your courage, bravery, and compassion. #rescue2M

    Reply to Bernadette Allard
  • Erin Walker

    I love everyone’s comments here! This is such an amazing cause. O.U.R., thank you for giving us hope that there is something we can DO to fight this! I can’t tell you how empowered I feel now that I know I have a voice and can make a difference! Thank you for all that you are doing!

    Reply to Erin Walker
  • S Baker

    Please show it again in San Diego, CA. I’ve been telling friends & family about your efforts & they want to know where they can see the movie. SAN DIEGO, SAN DIEGO!!

    Reply to S Baker
  • Tracie Whitlock

    Are there any theaters in Utah that are still showing the film?

    Reply to Tracie Whitlock
  • Sami

    Please show this again in Houston. So many of us missed it.

    Reply to Sami
  • Alison

    I am in Ottawa, Canada and am eager to see your documentary
    —online, at home, in a theatre, *anywhere*!
    I commend your strength, conviction, and action!

    Yours in solidarity,

    Reply to Alison
  • Lisa Borchardt

    We were unable to see the show on May 16th but would love to buy this movie if possible. Is it still showing in theaters?

    Reply to Lisa Borchardt

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