Global Sex Trafficking Ring Busted In One of America’s ‘Safest’ Cities

Global Sex Trafficking Ring Busted In One of America’s ‘Safest’ Cities

IRVINE ( — Authorities say they’ve uncovered a massive international sex trafficking ring in Southern California.

Prosecutors announced the arrest of four people connected to the Orange County-based enterprise that allegedly placed thousands of ads for sexual services in 29 states over the past two years.

The ring was based locally in Irvine, officials said.

Women and girls from China were forced to sell themselves for sex and sometimes forced to work 14 hours a day in homes purchased specifically for the purposes of prostitution, according to authorities.

Investigators tracked the ring through thousands of ads selling sex on

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3 thoughts on “Global Sex Trafficking Ring Busted In One of America’s ‘Safest’ Cities

  1. Law Enforcement we hear the ones who cause the problems, the ones not being arrested
    . What about the family division units?
    CPS Child Protective Services?

  2. just curious how you know for fact that “some police” are in on it, if you have evidence you should contact the FBI unless of course some of them are in on it also. Please back up your statement.

  3. Horrible that this happens anywhere let alone in Irvine,CA.
    It isn’t so safe anymore, with sex comes drinking and drugs, Irvine is going down the drain..

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