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August 9th, 2017

Freedom: A Brave Boy Fought for Justice and Won

Justice in Thailand

For those of you that have ever experienced pain at the hand of someone else, you know that there is no amount of justice that will make it equal to what you went through. Also, those of you who have had something unjust done to you with zero consequences for your abuser might understand the confusion of not seeing any form of justice.

We have talked about some of the suffering that young boys go through in Thailand when American and Western men go there to sexually abuse children. There’s one boy, we’ll call him James, that O.U.R.’s Southeast Asia Team has been working with for a couple of years. James was one of these children who was purchased over and over again by an American man. He went through years of abuse without ever knowing if one day he would be free or see any type of justice. The details of his story are very personal and we will always respect only sharing what the survivor is comfortable with sharing. Through the incredible support of the operations team, aftercare home, and ongoing O.U.R. support, this boy has received some justice. Just last week the American man was tried in the United States after serving two years in a Thai prison and received the maximum amount of years in the U.S. prison in addition to having to pay restitution.

This week as we sat with the in-country aftercare director in Thailand, I asked him, “How do you think James is doing?” The director said, “James is grateful for the American judge that helped put his abuser in jail. This man cannot hurt any more children. Also, we hope that this will be an example to others that no one should ever buy a child and think they will get away with it. Justice will happen at some point.”

To those of you who stand with us to help children like James be rescued, receive aftercare, and live in freedom, we thank you!  Love is more than a feeling; love is an action. One life saved is worth any sacrifice we can make. From our hearts, from James, and the many others that now live in freedom, thank you for living a life of impact. Thank you for your sacrifices. Thank you for saying, “For such a time as this we will rise up in unity for the freedom of those who have been through human trafficking. Not on our watch will we do nothing.”


Jessica Mass

Director of Aftercare

Operation Underground Railroad

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