• Janet Pyne

    This makes me so sad!!

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  • Steven

    I will do whatever I can to help out and spread the word out. Praying for your team and safety to everyone.

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  • Christian Jovani

    I send a cordial greeting. I’m from mexico city. Is there any help here?.
    Excuse me, I do not speak English.

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  • Jessica

    Kudos to you and your team for sacrificing all you do to rescue these victims…you’re all amazing!!

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  • Morris Hinneh

    Bravoo. …to you and your team for saving some precious souls of our Father in Heaven….. I’m from Liberia West Africa, how can I be an ambassador for you here in Liberia??

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  • Joel grijalva

    Soy detective en tijuana si los puedo ayudar estoy a sus ordenes

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  • Connor Roe

    Please do not display this publicly. I would like to help. I’m married to a Mexican and we travel across the border from time to time. I’m bilingual, and hope to have my novel translated into Spanish later this year. If that happens, I will be in Latin America more often. I would like information on whom to contact if I encounter trafficking. Training would be even better. I’m not content to sit on the sidelines and watch. Please contact me. Thank you and God bless the work you do.

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  • Mary Matenga

    Hi I’m from from New Zealand. Believe it or not but we have a high percentage of pedophiles where our laws and system have made it legal for children to be sent back or given to these pedophiles. How sad is that for a modernised country.

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  • Emily Hall

    Hi my name is Emily Hall I find you story compelling, inspiring and something I would like to be involved in if time and my circumstances allow. Therefore I am hoping reading your postings will help me better understand all that is involved to see if I can fit in somewhere.

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