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November 11th, 2016

Dr. Jorge Luis Romero joins the Board of Governors

Last week, Operation Underground Railroad added a new member to their Board of Governors, Dr. Jorge Luis Romero Castro. Dr. Romero is a member of the Andean Parliament and is currently the Vice-Chairman of the Commission on Human Rights and Social Affairs for the Andean Region. He heard about O.U.R. through current board member, Alberto Puertas and quickly flew to the United States to meet the O.U.R. team. Dr. Romero intends to open more doors for Operation Underground Railroad throughout the Andean Countries (Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador) as an active board member. Given his impressive background, endless recognitions and key connections, O.U.R. is honored to have Dr. Romero  join their team in this fight.

Some of Dr. Romero’s accomplishments include:

*He was recognized with the Degree of DOCTOR HONORIS CAUSA by the GRENDAL UNIVERSITY OF U.S.A. for his unstoppable career of 15 years in the service of Personal Development in 9 Countries.

*He was recognized with the Global Leadership Award by Midwest University St. Louis Missouri  for his trajectory in the field of World Leadership.

*He was recognized as the most influential Coach in Peru by the magazine Etiqueta Negra for his successful and successful presence in various business, social and political segments, in wealth-generating companies and for having led to several candidates for Political Power.

*He was recognized as one of the 5 Coaches and lecturers of the most sought after Personnel in Latin America, by the prestigious Journal GESTIÓN.

*He was awarded in the Congress of the Republic as the most influential Coach in Peru. 

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Watch a Facebook Live video of Jorge, Alberto and Tim HERE

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