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September 12th, 2017

doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation Supports Canine Law Enforcement Program

We want to thank doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation for our ongoing partnership with them, and for the opportunity Tim Ballard had to speak at their convention on Saturday. It was at last year’s convention that the Healing Hands Foundation announced our partnership with them and since then, they have supported us through funding rescue missions, aftercare facilities, and other services. This year, they were able to help us support ICAC through the Canine Law Enforcement Program.

The Canine Law Enforcement Program is one of the ways that O.U.R. supports law enforcement domestically. O.U.R. assists U.S. law enforcement depending on the needs of different departments across the nation, and supporting the Canine Law Enforcement Program is one of the ways we are able to support.

The Canine Law Enforcement Program trains dogs for 4-5 months to recognize the scent of hidden electronic storage devices (i.e. thumb drives, SD cards) to help police find devices containing child pornography more efficiently in investigations.

Cinnamon Bark, named after one of doTERRA’s oils

The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation generously funded the purchase and training of 2 canine dogs to assist law enforcement in Los Angeles and Florida. The names of the dogs are Douglas Fir and Cinnamon Bark, named after two doTERRA oils.

Currently these two dogs are 1.5 months into their training. Stay tuned for further updates on the dogs’ training and delivery to California and Florida!

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