November 6th, 2018

Collaboration: Together We Are Stronger

O.U.R. believes collaboration is a key to serving people more effectively. Collaboration is one of our core principles in everything we do from operations to aftercare, because we know that together we are stronger.

When you support O.U.R., you can be confident that you are supporting a larger community of other vetted nonprofits as well. With collaboration and unity, more people are served.

Our vetting process for the nonprofits we partner with is extensive and thorough. We research nonprofits online for about a year and find out their core values and beliefs. When their core values and beliefs line up with ours, we seek to collaborate.

After our research, we reach out and ask nonprofits how we can help them in their core values and mission. We know they are the experts in their area, and with our missions and values overlapping, we can strengthen each other. We might provide humanitarian aid, provide on-site training about human trafficking, or assist them in remodeling their spaces able to serve more people more efficiently. We believe that the greatest impact happens by working together in this way.

Our Director of Aftercare, Jessica Mass, researched one of our current partners for a year before reaching out to them. Then she met with them, went to their aftercare homes in three different countries so that she could that they are consistent on a global aspect. This thorough process allows our team to know how to strengthen areas that aren’t necessarily the nonprofit’s core mission, but that will still be an important strength to them.

Through the vetting process, we discovered an aftercare home in South America that gives incredible support to survivors. We noticed that once the survivor turns 18 years old, the home wasn’t able to support college or vocational training. O.U.R. has been able to provide support to help these survivors have greater opportunities for further education and training, and therefore, greater long-term success.

Centro Hispano offers educational classes in their community on topics like healthy relationships, citizenship/naturalization exam preparation, and abstinence. O.U.R. is currently training Centro Hispano’s staff on recognizing the signs of trafficking so that they can incorporate that information into their training and therefore, fortify their community.

O.U.R. collaborates with many nonprofits all throughout the world. We’re so grateful for like-minded nonprofits in Utah such as Encircle, Centro Hispano, The Asian Association of Utah, and Red Light Ministries. We’re also grateful for partnerships with Mentors International, the SEED program at Utah State University, Days for Girls, and many other nonprofits and aftercare homes throughout the entire world.

When you support O.U.R., you are not only supporting us but other vetted nonprofits and communities potentially close to your community and all around the world. We thank you with all of our hearts for joining the fight and collaborating with us! Together we are stronger.

Note: Many incredible people reach out to ask about service projects and in-kind donations. While we are so grateful for the generous offers, the greatest impact currently is to donate to O.U.R. so that funds can be used where they are most needed. If you’d like, you can make a note in the “Dedicate this Donation” section if there’s a specific area you’d like to request that your donation goes towards. You can also hold a fundraiser event and create a campaign on our new GiveCloud platform to help raise funds and awareness.


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