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December 10th, 2018

An 18-Year-Old Survivor’s Determination to Provide for Her Children

18-year-old Kimmy* was struggling to balance raising her two-year-old daughter and three-month-old infant…along with being forced to work the streets at night. One may wonder how a young girl like Kimmy can even get into a situation like this. Unfortunately, it often has to do with an ill-intentioned family member. Kimmy’s mother was offered money to coerce Kimmy to work with some narco-traffickers. She succeeded in her goal.

Luckily, the rescue operation that would break up this trafficking ring was initiated and carried out in time to save Kimmy. This operation was especially remarkable because it resulted in more than the normal rescues and arrests. The trafficking ring that was busted that day was actually just a piece of a larger narco-trafficking system, now uncovered. This rescue operation significantly advanced this country’s anti-trafficking efforts.

The O.U.R. Aftercare Team was on site after the rescue and was able to help care for the survivors. After this particular rescue, circumstances allowed our Aftercare Team to use a government car to bring the adult survivors back home and help them get settled.

During the car ride, they were able to get to know the survivors and build rapport with them. Kimmy seemed especially interested in attending one of our partnering aftercare programs that provides aftercare services and business opportunities. She loves to cook and always dreamed about owning her own restaurant. She soon decided to begin the program.

At first, it was very difficult for Kimmy to wake up early and bring her two kids to class and therapy. She also felt that she didn’t fit in with a lot of the girls. Despite her obstacles, she decided to keep attending.

Graduation and a New Restaurant

Now, just a short eight months after her rescue, Kimmy is preparing to start her own food stand and restaurant! She is five weeks away from graduating from the program and she is so glad she stuck with it, even when it was difficult. Kimmy is passionate about providing a better life for her two children. Her two-year-old daughter loves coming to class with her – she has opened up a soft spot in the aftercare director’s heart, who loves to sneak her candy once in a while.

Kimmy is so excited about the opportunity and bright future she has for both herself and her two children. Without aftercare, she would have had to go back home where she had no resources to keep her from being extremely vulnerable to sexual exploitation. The rescue is only the first step in a survivor’s life to being restored. We believe in building strong networks with aftercare partners around the world so that we are able to strengthen all survivors.

*Kimmy’s name has been changed.

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