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October 2nd, 2018

Abolitionist Gives Up a Favorite Luxury to Help Rescue More Children

Rachel (name changed) is an Abolitionist and gives five dollars a month to support Operation Underground Railroad. Her heart is in this cause. She is very passionate about helping end human trafficking.

Rachel has also always loved going tanning. It’s something that makes her feel beautiful. Tanning isn’t something that would normally be talked about in our blog, but in this case, it is very much related to this cause.

One day Rachel saw a post on social media about how much it costs to rescue a child and to pay for that child’s vocational training (this amount varies depending on circumstances, location, age, etc.). Rachel realized that the amount she heard about for a survivor to live in freedom and receive vocational training was the exact amount of money she spent on going tanning each year. Her heart was moved, and she decided to donate that money to O.U.R. instead of going tanning for the year.

It might sound like a small thing to some, but no amount is small when it goes towards rescuing a child. Rachel specifically wanted to sacrifice going tanning, because her desire is to help others feel beautiful and know that they are important.

To join this fight and help more children, some people choose to give up buying coffee once a week. Some people choose to decrease their budget for recreational activities. Some people sacrifice their time and talents to spread the cause further. No matter what it might be, your sacrifice is needed and makes a difference.

Food for thought for those who aren’t an Abolitionist yet or who feel a pull to do something more, what is something you might be able to sacrifice to help rescue more children and facilitate their healing? Comment below to brainstorm and share ideas. Like Rachel, you can also inspire others to join the fight.

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  • Tig Soliac

    With so many causes clamoring for attention and funds. Is there any link or site that provides some financial transparency? No offense intended.

    Reply to Tig Soliac
    • Post authorOURrescue

      Hi Tig! Thanks so much for your comment and question. We strive to be as transparent as possible. If you go to https://ourrescue.org/faq you will see the breakdown of how donations are used under the 13th question, “How are donations used?” We hope that provides some clarity and reassurance that the majority of funds (84.38%) go towards operations and aftercare.

      Reply to OURrescue
  • Sandra Shaw

    Hi Tig! I know what you mean but I will say this about O.U.R. This is the ONLY organization that I trust implicitly. I don’t give to anyone but them.
    I’m sure they will respond with the information you asked about.
    God bless you, all people involved in O.U.R., and all the people who give to this worthy cause❣️
    Sandra – Ft Worth, TX

    Reply to Sandra Shaw
    • Post authorOURrescue

      Sandra, thank you so much for your comment and support of O.U.R.! We are very grateful for all you do!

      Reply to OURrescue

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