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May 10th, 2018

18-Year-Old Mother of Two RESCUED

There are many milestones during the healing process for someone after being rescued from trafficking. Each milestone has one thing in common: there are people who care for and love those who have endured the horrific world of trafficking. Love is a necessary ingredient in the aftercare process that cannot be left out. Families look very different. Aftercare services can stand in the gap and significantly aid in the healing process.

In a recent operation in Central America, there was an 18-year-old girl that was rescued. She had two children, both from challenging situations. One was from being raped by a “client” and the other was from being raped by her trafficker. Her children are six months old and three years old. This amazing mother recently decided to work with our in-country aftercare partners to attend a 12-week business class.

It was already a challenge for her to decide to attend this class because she had two kids, and unfortunately her neighbors were not giving her the support she needed. “You are worthless, you will never be able to succeed,” they said, “So you’re going to go to these classes, what are you going to do with your kids?”

Amidst the negativity and the other battles that she was facing as a young mother, she decided to go anyway. She showed up to the class and asked how she can take care of her kids and also do the class. Our partners are working on finding her safe child care and housing so she can start the program.

Her determination is incredible. We are so proud of this strong survivor who is willing to fight for her success and to protect her children.

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