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November 13th, 2018

A Survivor Traveling Home

Recently, we posted a story about three girls that were forced into trafficking under the false pretense of a job in the hospitality industry. They traveled to another country thinking that they had secured good jobs. Instead, they were met with abuse, beatings, and an expectation to make money by working in the red-light district. During an undercover operation, all three girls were rescued.

We recently received an update about one of these girls and her journey home. Although she was rescued from her traffickers, Cora was put in prison because she did not have any documents. Her traffickers had taken them upon her arrival in the country as a tactic to manipulate and threaten her. Through a lot of patience and communication, our Operations Team and Aftercare Team worked with local law enforcement to get her out of prison and on a plane safely home.

Where do I go? Who will help me? How can I make money? What if I get re-trafficked?

The journey home raised a lot of valid concerns for Cora. After being tricked into trafficking, it would not be easy to confidently trust other employers and find your way again. Our Aftercare Director Jessica Mass connected with one of our aftercare partners in Cora’s home country to help orient her. It is one of O.U.R.’s requirements that once a survivor arrives home, there is a support team ready to greet them, stand with them, and love them. They need to know that there are people that will help them rebuild their lives.

The journey home was not easy. Cora’s plane was delayed, making her nervous that there would be no one to greet her when she landed. Jessica Mass stayed in close communication with the aftercare team to coordinate Cora’s pickup. We are happy to say that she arrived safely and was welcomed home warmly by our amazing aftercare partners. She is now living in freedom.


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  • andrea toupin

    Thank you so much for what you do. I worry to death all the time about these children and heart sick to think about what they go through. I would love to be in a position to rescue them with you. Knowing your out there helps give me some comfort. Lately I’m feeling real bad about the human race and what evil there is. Drugs, poverty, bad parenting and mental illness are destroying our society but the victims will always deserve our love, support and rescue and commitment. God bless you!

    Reply to andrea toupin
    • Post authorOURrescue

      We’re so grateful for your support, Andrea! Together we are stronger. Thank you for joining the fight!

      Reply to OURrescue
  • Di van der Walt

    You make the biggest difference in life so grateful for the work you do🙏💗

    Reply to Di van der Walt
  • shell shockers

    Where do I go? Who will help me? How can I make money? What if I get re-trafficked?

    Reply to shell shockers

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