1. Be Aware

Know the signs. Trafficking happens in more places than you may think.

What is Child Sex Trafficking?

One of the most common forms of sexual exploitation is the “recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person [child] for the purposes of a commercial sex act.” –Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000.

How does a child become a victim?

Traffickers pull vulnerable children in by physically and/or psychologically abusing or manipulating them. Oftentimes, they will trick minors into believing that they will care for their needs, whether they be physical or emotional. This tricks children into giving their loyalty even when suffering abuse.

Who are the pimps?

Sex traffickers take the form of anyone. This includes family, friends, significant others- anyone who is making a profit from the sexual exploitation of the child.

2. Protect Your Children

Communicate, set rules, and create a safe space of trust where they can feel heard.

These days it seems almost impossible to keep track of how technology is evolving. Unfortunately, the internet is a huge tool used in human trafficking, where identities are masked and the vulnerable are preyed upon.

Here are some great guidelines from NetSmartz to get you started on protecting your children:

Talk to your children about being cautious with strangers. Here are other signs to watch for when there is face to face interaction:


  1. Older adult showing interest in child, asking questions about their life, family, hopes, dreams
  2. Excessive flattery
  3. Buying gifts
  4. Romantic interest, often by someone older


  1. Isolation from friends and family
  2. Controlling activities, behaviors, dress and time
  3. Encouraging sexual activities like modeling, stripping, and pornography
  4. Drug and alcohol use


  1. Physical abuse
  2. Sexual abuse
  3. Emotional and verbal abuse
  4. Forced sexual education
  5. Confinement
  6. Re-naming or re-programming
  7. Removal from familiarity
  8. Creating dependencies
  9. Branding (tattoos)

3. Spread the Word

Awareness can save a life, at home or abroad.

Talk to your friends and family members. Follow and share O.U.R.’s posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (@ourrescue). The first Abolitionist movement worked from the ground up. When we make noise and shine the light, change happens and lives are saved.

4. Join the Fight

Create a fundraiser online or in your community.

Are you an entrepreneur or artist? Do you enjoy participating in your community? Get your friends and family together for a 5k run/walk, a benefit dinner, or concert in your community. You can even raise money online without leaving the comfort of your home. There are endless ways to contribute, big or small! Check out YourRescue.org  to start your fundraising campaign.

5. Become An Abolitionist

Just $5 a month can help fund our next rescue operation.

The first abolitionist leaders, like Harriet Tubman, used whatever resources they had to shed light on injustice and save the innocent. Will you do your part to shine your light and support the cause?

40% of our operational costs come from our “Abolitionists”, or monthly donors. Click here to donate. 



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  1. Don’t know how you guys can do it; it’s far more than the good fight. I’ve already spent more time thinking about what to do with the dirt/scum/slime bags than they deserve from me. I let my monthly to OUR lapse when the credit card was replaced: my apologies.

  2. i would like Tim Ballard to give me a call. I have some questions. 602-818-8838. Also, on www. Infowars.com ,Alex Jones has had Craig Sawyer on the podcast radio today. Show repeats itself at 3 pm phoenix time today, and every 4 hours. Good discussion about what ex-military are doing.

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