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43 Rescued and 20 Arrested in 4 Countries

The last two months have been a whirlwind of activity for Operation Underground Railroad. Four successful missions were conducted in four different countries, rescuing 43 victims.

This was the first rescue for O.U.R. in two of the four countries, which cannot be named at this time due to many sensitive issues at play. “We are kind of testing each other,” says O.U.R. CEO Tim Ballard about relationships with the new local authorities and government leaders. “We’re feeling each other out to see if this kind of thing is going to work.”

So far, everything is going well. “The missions in these new countries were very successful. This was a huge success in that it opened the doors to future rescues and now we’re really excited,” says Ballard. “We are going to start doing rescues in other cities [in these particular countries].”

The third country where a rescue took place was the Dominican Republic. This was the second time that O.U.R. has rescued victims from the D.R. “We decided we wanted to come back and do a rescue on the other part of the Island,” says Ballard. “The northern part of the country is more touristy with many big resorts where a lot of Americans travel. It has become an absolute hub for sex trafficking. If you walk on the streets at night you’ll see many Westerners, sex tourists, who are clearly there for one purpose.”

The D.R. operation yielded the arrests of seven traffickers and freed 29 victims, at lest half of which were minors. “There were more minors than usual,” says Ballard. “They were scared. I mean, we always have those really scared, really young ones, but not as many as we had this time.”

The seven traffickers arrested in the Dominican Republic are now awaiting trial, and could receive sentences of 15 years or greater if convicted.

In O.U.R.’s first operation in Thailand, a 13-year-old girl was rescued in a sting operation conducted in conjunction with confidential informants. The girl, along with one other victim, was returned to her country by one of O.U.R.’s NGO partners that specializes in rehabilitation. O.U.R. worked well with Thai authorities and is hoping that this will be the first of many rescues in this area.

In one of the countries new to O.U.R. operations, two girls where rescued and three traffickers arrested, one of which was a relative to one of the victims. “We saved two trafficking victims and one was a precious 13-year-old who was being prostituted by her own aunt. The aunt was arrested and it turns out that she has a lot of ties to criminal drug trafficking groups in the area. She even had 350 grams of heroin on her when she was arrested.”

Government authorities tell us the three traffickers will be tried for child trafficking and organized crime. As one Jump Team leader put it, “they could be put away for a very long time.”

Written by: Cheryl L. Karr

2015-04-14 13:16:45
Wonderful work. It helps me sleep a little easier at night knowing you are doing something so valuable and needed. After reading your blog I am curious - you mentioned many Americans in the D.R. clearly there for one thing - sex tourism. When you arrest traffickers, are these "tourists" included in the term "traffickers?" If not, are the people creating the market for the sex slave trade (the buyers/tourists) getting arrested as well?
2015-04-14 14:58:35
On behalf of all those who don't know how to say thank you, Thank you! When it is a member of your birth family selling you, you feel the shame for not wanting to be part of your own family. By saving these children, you give them hope for a better future. May God bless you with anything you may stand in need of.
2015-04-14 14:08:58
The work OUR does is incredible. You guys are heroes.
2015-04-14 16:03:25
Of all the donations I give through MercuryOne.org, this is the one that gives me the most satisfaction my meager donation is well placed.
2015-04-14 16:15:31
Wow congratulations! I want to thank O.U.R. so very much for being a real torch in this terrible darkness of six traffic king and child abuse. You were one of the 1st groups,along with Glenn Beck/the Blaze to bring this evil to light.Thank you again ever so much and keep up the great work!I'll keep you all in my prayers.
Judy McMillan
2015-04-14 16:52:20
My heart breaks for all children that are being used for that purpose! It's so so wrong! Plus getting the help to live normal lives again for the young people is vital! Thank you all so much I pray Gods Blessing on you all!!
2015-04-14 20:42:24
I'm so thankful for what you are doing! I will pray for the teams as well as the rescued. I'm sure you see things that are terrible and I pray for Jesus's love and peace to cover you. May the traffickers and the customers feel the conviction in their hearts to see the evil in their ways and to turn to God and change. Underground Railroad, you will be a light in the darkness.
2015-04-15 04:24:12
Thank you for all you guys do! my wife and i love the D.R. and the people of the D.R. we have been there for mission trips with our church supporting Solid Rock International. There are a lot of wonderful people there and a lot of people who need the love of Christ. Solid Rock is building a new clinic in San Juan to help the people there get medicine and health care they would otherwise have to go without. between O.U.R. and places like Solid Rock i pray the people there would see and feel the love of Jesus. God Bless RLTW
Peggy Morse
2015-04-15 07:18:07
Like others, I am so pleased to see what my money does and that it is in the hands of people of character. Thank you so much, OUR. You are changing the lives of these young children. God Bless you in all that you do!
Ross Wagstaff
2015-04-24 08:39:00
I cannot fathom what harm and suffering trafficking children does to them and society. This is truly a great and troubling work you are undertaking. Please know that there are people starting to stand up against this evil. You are pioneers, but others are going to join the fight. Thank you so much for the hope you bring.
Lindy Combs
2015-05-01 17:55:56
I am joyful about this...and so proud to be an Abolitionist! I love these stories about the rescues.
catherine zimmerman
2016-06-08 21:35:59
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