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October 23rd, 2017

A Cross Country Bicycle Tour Raises Over $5,000 for O.U.R. Before the Event Begins

On November 4th, Wyatt Buttars will embark on a bike ride across the entire United States along the Southern Tier to raise awareness for Operation Underground Railroad and share his passion for the cause.

Buttars first heard about O.U.R. when his brother invited him to see “The Abolitionists” documentary. “I only learned about the name of the movie before going in, ‘The Abolitionists,’ Buttars recalled, “but I still had no idea what I was about to see.”

After learning that there are over 2 million children in the commercial sex trade throughout the world, Buttars knew he had to do something.

He said, “My heart raced throughout the film. I had tears. It was a powerful documentary about saving children from being sex slaves. I had no idea how devastating this problem is in the world… This was all very alarming to me. It hit me so hard that I wanted to do something about it.”

Ever since he was young, he had dreamed about going on a cross country bike ride. After watching “The Abolitionists,” everything seemed to fall into place. He decided to ride across the country to raise awareness and money for O.U.R.

Amazingly, this bike race is not the only thing this young man is doing to raise awareness.

Buttars has already held multiple fundraisers for O.U.R. – including selling O.U.R. merchandise at local school events, showing “The Abolitionists” documentary at his local library, and running a booth in a Wells Fargo building to spread awareness of the cause.

“I’m so excited, grateful, and happy to be able to do something like this. There are a lot of charities and people suffering around the world in so many different ways right now. This was one I hadn’t really known much about and I want to make it a point to spread awareness,” Buttars said.

He will begin in San Diego, CA, on November 4th and arrive in Jacksonville, FL, on December 17th. The goal is to raise over $7,500 for O.U.R. by the end of the bike ride in December – and he has already raised over $5,000! Click here to visit the campaign page.

We are so grateful for Wyatt Buttars and his friends, family and community for helping to raise awareness of human trafficking throughout the nation. It is exciting to see how our supporters use their voice and talents to rise up against this issue!

What can YOU Do?


Everyone has a voice in the fight against human trafficking. Have an idea for a campaign in your community? Visit www.yourrescue.org to submit your campaign idea and get it started.

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