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2021 International Operations Impact: Over 800 Rescued and 800 Arrested Worldwide

It has been an exciting year for the O.U.R. International Operations team. Personnel development, new trainings, and new alliances have led to over 800 rescues and over 800 arrests in the U.S. and around the world. Here are just a few of the points of growth that have made these accomplishments possible: 

4 new regional directors in operations

1. We expanded the International Operations team by adding four new Regional Directors. These operators and managers build out an expansive infrastructure for rescues, training, and partnerships in each region 

new operations capabilities

2. Our expansion put us in positions to launch simultaneous operations with law enforcement agencies that we work with. We are now ideally positioned to launch rescue operations both large and small around the world.  

operation highlight operation Maya

3. OPERATION HIGHLIGHT: We successfully completed a rescue operation, Operation Maya, where we brought freedom to one 16-year-old survivor and arrested five suspected traffickers. This mission was made possible because of a solidified alliance with the government in this particular Latin American country.  

digital forensics training for international investigators and analysts

4. We
sponsored digital forensics training classes for several law enforcement investigators and analysts whom we collaborate with. Our training includes  a high-end tool used by law enforcement to help local authorities quickly identify and act on key evidence after a human trafficking operation.

half a million CSM files seized and examined for evidence

5. OPERATION HIGHLIGHT: O.U.R. digital forensic analysts seized half a million files of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) from one of the largest modeling agencies in Thailand. The team continues to examine the evidence and works to identify suspects and victims 

growth for the o.u.r. Thailand team

6. The O.U.R. Thailand team has experienced amazing growth this past year and now consists of 22 members, the majority of which are Thai citizens. They’ve been able to grow and build a field team, an online investigation team, an aftercare team, an in-house legal team, and two psychologists (male and female). Resources such as these help run operations and better support survivors in Thailand.  

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