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The 1,000th Survivor Rescued

There is a girl, Sara, that you may be familiar with from our stories in the past few weeks. She is a young girl that went missing a few months ago from a community that our aftercare team works closely with. We work with people that visit Sara’s community weekly to strengthen families, provide education, and spread awareness about trafficking. Since this community is at high risk for trafficking, it is important to educate the at-risk girls about what grooming looks like and how to protect themselves from traffickers.

With our in-country partners, we helped pay the fees to put her in school about a year ago and took every precaution possible to keep her safe.

When we received word that she was potentially kidnapped, our team and partners visited her school to ask her teachers and administration if they had seen her. They had not heard anything. They also visited her mom and dad to hopefully identify a lead to where Sara may be. There were no leads to be found.

Unfortunately we learned that Sara’s parents were not interested in caring for her if she were found. The words they said about her are words you could not comprehend coming out of a parent’s mouth.

Just a few days ago, there was a community outing set up to take a group of kids to the ocean. Word was spread all around the community about it. The goal was to have Sara come to it from wherever she was.

Our partners were so excited when they saw Sara walk up, but their hearts were broken when they saw that she was covered in bruises. She said that she had been kidnapped and her trafficker had been selling her to many different clients.

However, she was able to convince her trafficker that she wanted to go to this outing just to see her friends for a little bit. The moment she showed up she pleaded, “Will you help me? I can’t go back, I can’t go back.”

We made sure that Sara knew that there were so many people looking for her, including law enforcement and Child Protective Services. There was no way we would let her go back to the man that was selling her.

Sara is now receiving aftercare services to heal from what she had to go through. She is the story of the ONE. Sara said,

“I didn’t think anyone would ever come. I didn’t think anyone cared about my individual life.”

Sara had so many people looking for her that cared about her individual life, which ultimately led to her being found.

We will make sure to see Sara through her journey of life and healing. Her parents have said that they do not want her to ever come back home, and her trafficker is still looking to exploit her. She thought she would have no where to go, but she is safe now. Tonight, she lays her head down to rest knowing that there is not one person that can break in to put a dollar sign on her head.

We are so grateful for your support for aftercare, operations, and long-term care for these kids. Thank you for caring for them as if they are your own. Thousands of more children will be rescued because of your support. This is a milestone that not only lets us reflect on how many have been rescued since O.U.R.’s inception in 2013, but lets us look forward to the thousands more rescues that will follow.

What can YOU Do?


We are stronger together. We welcome your prayers, positive thoughts, or energy to strengthen our various efforts to end human trafficking. Want to be alerted when immediate prayers are needed on behalf of our operators or aftercare specialists? Text “OURPRAYERS” to 51555.

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Irena Zuk
2018-04-16 14:29:03
Are your rescue attempts focused mainly in the United States or are they worldwide? I feel that we, in the United States, need as much help as we can get in preventing kidnappings for the sex trade and for rescue attempts. I look forward to hearing from you as I would like to make a sizeable contribution in memory of my best friend who has recently died Thank you Irena
Update on Sara - The 1,000th Survivor - OUR Stories
2018-07-31 14:03:44
[…] to read more about Sara? Here is her […]
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